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nopCommerce 3.90 roadmap and estimated release date. Let's discuss


We've prepared the roadmap of the next version of nopCommerce (3.90). Here are some of the most interesting ones:

- Further enhancements of admin area (simplified and configurable)
- Auction support
- Prices per currency. I know this task was postponed so many times. But I hope it'll be finally finished this year
- Please find all existing work items for this version here (about 250 items).

ASP.NET Core 1.0 was just released several months ago. And we think that it's NOT mature enough to be used in production yet. So we decided to stay with ASP.NET 4.6 in the next version of nopCommerce - 3.90. And only then start moving to ASP.NET Core (in version 4.00).

Your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome!

Estimate release time - March 2017 (7-8 months)